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Q. How do I join the Dudley Alumni Association, Inc.?

A. Complete and submit the membership application to your local chapter or Dudley Alumni Association, Inc.


Q. What are the dues?

A. The membership year is currently from October 1st to September 30th.

Dues for the Dudley Alumni Association, Inc. are $25.00.


Q. How do I receive a newsletter?

A. Newsletters have been replaced by blogs and can be accessed through the alumni association’s website:


Q. What is the process for the Dudley Alumni Association Consolidated Reunion?

A. The Dudley Alumni Association, Inc. focuses on the fifty year reunion class, honoring that class by providing their agenda/program within the guidelines of the Dudley Alumni Association. However, all classes are invited to attend the consolidated reunion. The Dudley Alumni Association can and do reserve tables for any class who wants to participate as a class. Tables with class year recognition must acquire ten registration packages or ten banquet tickets. Anyone can register to attend as long as they’re in good financial standing and purchase tickets for their guest.


Q. Does the Dudley Alumni Association have a website?

A. Yes, at


Q. How do I obtain additional information?

A. Contact your Local Chapters or the Dudley Alumni Association, Inc. for more information


Q. Who is the President of the Dudley Alumni Association, Inc.?

A. Martha Dick –


Q. Who are the Presidents of the Dudley Alumni Chapters?

A. Chapter Presidents are as follows:

• Atlanta Chapter of Dudley Alumni Association – Harvey Martin -


Q. What’s the mailing address for the Dudley Alumni Association Inc.?

A. Dudley Alumni Association Incorporated, P.O. 21971, Greensboro, North Carolina 27420

About Us

The Dudley Alumni Association’s purpose is to represent all persons who shall be Alumnus, to sponsor consolidated reunions, to establish scholarships, to make gifts and donations to Dudley, to collect, study and publish history, to recognize deserving individuals for their contributions to the school, to advertise and to enter into purposes to further the school and alumni association.


Dudley Alumni Association, Inc.

PO Box 21971

Greensboro, NC 27420